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musikCube 1.0 finally out

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The 1.0 “Final” version of my favorite music player musikCube was just released. It’s slick and a nice improvement on an already feature rich, easy to use player.

The question now is whether this will be the final version that is ever resleased. Seems like Casey, the main developer is has grown tired of working on it. Seems he only finished it because it was his senior project and he had to finish it in order to graduate. (Kudos to his professors). Not clear if he is going to continue developing it or give it over to the rag-tag group of developers wishing to continue the project.

Anyways, it’s still a pretty great music player and it’s worth checking out:
Download musikCube Free

Written by headbonk

December 5th, 2006 at 10:33 pm

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